CASIMIR THERIAULT has been in the business for over 10 years, working as both actor and crew. Casimir brings a lot of energy, knowledge and experience to his shoots. He has a TV friendly face and a comedic, physical presence.

Casimir graduated from Nova Scotia Teacher's College in 1997.  After his first year of teaching, drove across Canada to Calgary where he was trained as a Professional Wrestler in 1998. He would wrestle over 40 matches across Canada as Cazual X.  Casimir made the transition to film in Kathryn Bigelow's "Weight of Water." playing the Prosecutor’s Clerk. He fell in love with the business during this shoot. Casimir went on to take a 2 month all intensive Script to Screen film making course under the tutelage of Director Stephen Reynolds (This Hour has 22 Minutes) the end product was the short film "Shadows" which was showcased at the 2000 Atlantic Film Festival. Shortly after, Casimir moved to Toronto to further his career.

While in Toronto, Casimir studies his craft by working on his own projects as well as taking Acting and Improvisation classes. In 2010 he became a full Member of ACTRA.

His company, RAZZ-MA-KAZZ Productions, produced the feature CX2, which Casimir starred in as the Superhero Wrestler, Cazual X. The film was screened twice in Toronto and once in Nova Scotia. RMK Productions has also made many shorts and taken part in the Toronto 48 hour film challenge competitions for the last 4 years, getting the most recognition for their 2009 film "Bistardikus Maximus" which Casimir played the lead in.  It won them 3 awards.

CASIMIR THERIAULT will make any production that you are working on, better!

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